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Why Cheers Connect

 Cheers Connect Key Values

We’re a team that strives for excellence, on a mission to make your daily communications easier. We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers. For us, customers come first!

We provide our customers with the necessary assistance whenever and wherever needed. We create different ways and make use of the latest technologies that can give our customers all the guidelines needed to use Cheers Connect as easily and as productively as possible.

You’ll love our friendly, high-end service. There are no mindless bots, no lost tickets, and no longer holds. We want to hear from you, listen to your needs, and connect with you in any way you want (email, phone, video mail...)

We are a happy team, and we believe that happiness should be shared! We don’t only make sure that every customer receives the highest quality service possible, but we also make sure that they receive our happiness.

Authenticity, credibility, and dedication are essential to building and maintaining our relationships and communications! We are committed to what we do, and endeavor to make it the best! These are the core values of how we do what we do, and why we love being able to help others achieve their goals.

We will continue to provide the highest-quality services possible and make sure that your online experience is as successful as possible, with Cheers Connect.

Cheers Key Differentiators

Categorizing your Assets: Store all your important documents, videos, photos, and emails in one place, safely and securely, and access it anytime from anywhere. Learn more

Simplicity and Ease of Use: Cheers Connect user interface is simple and straightforward. You don’t have to jump from one page to another to access what you want; everything is just there clearly, giving you the most comfortable user experience.

Advanced Video Recorder: Whether you want to share your video by email, on social media, or on your website, you don’t have to record it somewhere and then upload it to Cheers. Save this fuss and record immediately using Cheers advanced yet easy-to-use video recorder. Record yourself, your screen, or both at the same time and enjoy some management settings (trim the last seconds, add a thumbnail, tag your video, and much more)! - Learn more

Video Size is Not an Issue: The size or duration of your video is not an issue with Cheers. You can embed large videos and send them by email with no size restrictions.

Branded Messages: With Cheers straightforward message composer, you can easily create the professional and personal messages you desire. And with Cheers templates, you can add your personal or your company's elements such as logo, header, signature, etc. to send customized and personalized messages that grab the recipient’s attention.

Simple Contact Database/Address Book: Add as much information as you want to any or all of the contacts you have. Add them to groups to better organize and communicate with them. Tag them by industry, topic, or area of interest to find them more easily and follow up with them more efficiently. -Learn more

Campaigns: The best of both worlds is here! Combine videos with email campaigns and send out automated video emails to boost your communications and engagement while being able to track every single message sent with Cheers Connect message analytics! Learn more 

Online forms: Easily create online forms and integrate them into your messages to discover, track, and analyze your recipients' feedback, input, opinions, you name it!

Cheers Connect is an all-in-one suite of productivity tools that can be used by ANYONE. It was designed for people like you in mind! - Learn more about how you can make use of Cheers Connect through our blog posts and articles.