Automate Your Marketing Tasks with Cheers Connect Workflow

Streamline your processes, save time, and boost efficiency with automated workflows.

Key Features:

Trigger workflows for specific actions: Add contacts, remove duplicates, and assign workflows based on custom criteria.

Reduce manual tasks: Eliminate repetitive procedures and free yourself for strategic work.

Increase accuracy and consistency: Automate data management and ensure consistent application of your action rules.

Personalize your approach: Assign workflows to specific users and tailor them based on contact attributes for targeted engagement.


Enhanced productivity: Get more done in less time by letting the system handle repetitive tasks.

Improved accuracy: Minimize errors and inconsistencies with automated data management.

Reduced workload: Free up your team to focus on high-impact initiatives.

Streamlined operations: Automate key processes for smoother campaign execution.

Use Cases:

Onboarding new leads: Automatically add new contacts to relevant mailing lists, groups, and tags.

Segment your audience: Automatically assign contacts to specific segments based on their attributes for targeted campaigns or other actions.

Manage data hygiene: Remove duplicate entries and maintain a clean and accurate database.

Getting Started:

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Workflow Demo Video

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