Sales & Marketing Expert discussions and demos on Cheers Suite Top 5 Productivity Tools

Our team of Marketing and Sales experts holds conversations highlighting the business value of Cheers Connect  Suite of Tools and presenting how its 5 top featured tools contribute to fulfilling your business needs and resolving obstacles. Those are simple and easy-to-use features and functionalities, yet powerful enough to help eliminate pain in your business and inject fruitful results for professionals, startups, and small businesses.

The Beginner's Guide to CRM: What is CRM and How it Works

Cheers Connect CRM is an Ideal simple yet powerful tool for Small Businesses and Startups.

It is developed with the expertise and knowledge of sales and marketing concepts and responds to the market needs giving you an advanced insight on your clients, leads, and deals with the ability to juggle between different types of tasks that are instrumental to your business in customer relations whether being to increase sales, engage post sales activities, provide customer support, or start a new marketing campaign; you can manage it all from Cheers Connect CRM.

Get The Perfect Video, 4 Advanced Screen & Camera Record Settings

Free & No download required using Cheers Connect Online Video Recorder!

This video recorder tool allows you to simultaneously or individually record your screen and camera feed in 4 different resolutions and 4 different styles either in a portrait or landscape format! All of that using Cheers Connect simple and easy-to-use platform without the hassle and need to download any software or even plugin.

Watch as we discuss business needs and present the value of Cheers Connect video productivity tool in a step-by-step conversational tutorial by cheers connect team.

How To Make Your Marketing & Sales Campaigns More Successful With Cheers Connect

Cheers Connect "Automation" allows you to create, manage, track, analyze, and engage effective marketing & sales campaigns! It gives you the ability to keep the conversation going, capture new leads, and increase sales. In other words, you simply plant the seeds of educating the market about your new offering!

Lead Capture Made Simple! Use Cheers simple lead capture form at any landing page and from site traffic and convert leads into customers. Schedule and automate the distribution of video greeting cards, company announcements, email follow-ups, newsletters, breaking news, and much more!

In four simple steps, you can automate effective campaigns and send engaging video email.

Best Value in Personalized Video eMail Messages for Professional Business

"Cheers Messages" is a simple tool for creating and sending customized multimedia emails.

The video messaging UI resembles email inbox, editor, and other familiar features in standard email services; yet, far more powerful due to additional capabilities such as multiple video embedding, custom templates, privacy, security, tracking, analytics, and much more.

Maintain complete control over the privacy and security of your messages, as well as the ability to include your messages as digital assets and and employ our dual tagging model to index them - Check our "Assets & Tags" video next.

First Look: Cheers Connect Digital Assets And Unique Dual Tags

Ditch the folders and the multitude of categories you use for every asset type and kind - use Cheers Connect "Assets & Tags" to eliminate all those bottlenecks! Tags exist because you need a simpler, faster way.

Cheers Connect "Assets & Tags" is a simple - open concept - digital asset management with a unique dual tagging model providing the ability to tag any digital asset (documents as example) by any text label, keyword, or key phrase as well as any contact making it easy to lookup by any tag in a cross referenced model in any digital asset and any business function.

This video will give you a behind-the-scenes look at why those Assets & Tags are instrumental to your business and how Cheers Connect does it.