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Assets and tags

Time has come for digital assets ease of coordination and safekeeping with open asset tagging that includes any label (word or phrase) across all assets with no limits and couple that with people/contact tagging – welcome to dual Asset tagging in Cheers Connect!!

Simply add your assets to your account’s private library – include images, documents, videos, ...name it, even your contacts are assets in addition to your emails / messages? In Cheers Connect, Assets are the core of your communications, conversations, and relations; bring them all together with cross functional phrase tags that are labels/markers related to topics, areas of interest as well contacts! Find any asset wherever and whenever you need it without limits.

Watch this introduction video and learn more about this fantastic feature that is changing the way digital assets are safeguarded and accessed with simplicity and ease of use; few minutes of How-To- Videos can help you eliminate the complexity of safekeeping and accessing your digital assets.

Essential for Businesses, assets and tags are your digital resources stored in Cheers Library safely and securely.

Keeping your files organized with tags gives you the ability to label and search whatever from your files, whenever you need. And thus, giving you the ability to target a specific niche market when producing a message.

Unlike any other platform, with Cheers Connect, Assets and Tags are completely free to use.